Fogging Services Jenison MI

When we fog, we use a fogging machine and it puts fine particles of disinfectant in the whole building up to 20 feet high. The disinfectant we use is on the CDC registry of chemicals that has been known to kill the Coronavirus. This is a great thing to do if anyone has walked into a building sick, it disinfects basically every inch of a building, especially areas that can be touched. It also gives peace of mind to employees and customers or anyone going in the building. We go around and fog the whole building, then we follow that up and wipe down all surfaces, door handles, and high touch points with that same chemical, so any areas touched a lot get disinfected twice. The building stays completely disinfected until used again.


Meyers Cleaning has been doing carpets for S&G Properties since 2002. They do quality work and I am very satisfied with what they have been able to do for us. In case of emergencies they are always willing to help out under the worst of circumstances. They get along very well with our tenants with whom they come into contact and are very helpful and friendly. I am planning on using Meyers well into the future.
Sherwin HeyboerS&G Apartments

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